The Chefs

Welcome to the Iron Skillet Kitchen! When Brendan and Laura serendipitously met, his passion for cooking high quality, high taste meals, collided with her affinity for all things organic and local. The result? Some of the most heavenly food on earth. There is a misconception that healthy, organic food is too expensive and tastes...well...too healthy. They are completely annihilating that idea.

25 March 2010

Sweet Potatoes, Ricotta, and Kale

No pics, no time.  But that's what we're eating tonight!  I's positively rude to start a food blog and then not really start it.  Someday....someday....

Like about 3 weeks from now when at least one of us has some spare time. 

In the meantime, here's a link to the original recipe.  We serve it with gourmet chicken patties from Tea Hills Farms in Loudonville Ohio which are always incredibly delicious.  Tonight's variety is Greek made with local goat cheese feta from Great Lakes Creamery.  We substituted kale for fresh mixed greens (kale, chards, spinach) delivered from Fox Hollow Farm and used local garlic stored over the winter. 

In the future, I'll be including some pricing for reference.  We eat the tastiest meals I've ever had.  The richer spectrum of tastes is something not found in non-organic food and has me convinced that the rest of the world just doesn't know how bland their food actually tastes.  Dinner's ready!

07 March 2010

Coming soon...

We haven't forgotten.  We're just catching up on some household chores we've been behind on.  First actual food post coming soon!  : )